CHI is a singer songwriter from Bristol.

CHI began to write as a young teen. It became compulsive and the ambition to express her vision as an artist was always at the forefront of her mind. An ear for melody and harmony gave her a way to put the words into context. Female artists such as Kate Bush and Bjork were huge influences. Their innovative productions, and compelling personalities and sheer bonkers brilliance sparked inspiration for Chi.

Chi met producers TDH Productions on the circuit and formed what was to become a longstanding relationship. Late night sessions in a cramped attic lead them to further develop CHI’s sound. ‘My taste and influences are a melting pot and I’d hate to exclude sounds just because they don’t ‘fit in’. 

The release of single ‘Hard to be Happy’ received excellent reviews and support from blogs including ‘Nylon’. Her debut EP ‘Burns & Bridges’ released November 2015, tells whimsical tales of escapism and heartbreak, longing and regret. Her music is a bold blend of folk and soul with sprinkles of electronic, haunted and energised by an extraordinary voice notable for its tenderness, its power and extensive range.